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I'm Joe Parker . . . I've been tattooing happy clients for many years. Check out my work, my philosphy - we should collaborate on your next tattoo.

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Joe Parker, That would be me!

I’m an artist and tattooer in the Bay Area. I began drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon. I have explored many mediums. I started my career in Boca Raton, Florida as a body piercer in 2000. By 2006 I was tattooing full-time in Florida.  

We opened East Bay Tattoo, a custom Tattoo Studio in Oakland, which I co-own with Barnaby Williams, on July 1, 2018.  Oakland is a fantastic town that we are happy to be a part of. Come in and visit us, it's a great place, we have a shop full of talented artists.

We are located at 516 East 18th Street Oakland, California.  Shop hours are Tues - Sun 12pm-8pm call  the shop at 510-523-1743.  Walk-ins welcome!

Give me a call at (561) 376-3455 to talk about the tattoo you’ve always wanted or email me at

Why I Tattoos

For me, tattooing is all about the entire experience, it's not merely the imagery, it's the experience of someone who is truly happy with their tattoo.

Why I Piercing

Piercing is your first contact with a customer, it's often the beginning of our friendship. If the customer is afraid of tattoo you can start with a body piercing and it can be beautiful.

My Favourite Music

I like audio books, can't help it, when I spend time in traffic I'm listening to a great story.

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  • She had a flower tattoo on her wrist — What does that mean? he asked Absolutely nothing she said,it's just a flower
    — C. JoyBell C. —

  • Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past
    — Jack London —

  • If the body is a temple, then tattoos are its stained glass windows
    — Vince Hemingson —

  • and miles to go before I sleep
    — Robert Frost —

After Care - Tattoos

  • Remove bandage after 3-6 hours and wash with mild fragrance freee soap in warm water. Be sure to remove all plasma. Pat or let air dry for 15 minutes. Never Re-bandage!
  • Apply a plain fragrance free white hand lotion (e.g., Vaseline Intensive Care) apply as you normally would.
  • Tattoo will begin to flake and peel like a sunburn-this is normal.
  • Do NOT pick the flakes off or scratch the tattoo! Yeah, we know it itches. This may cause both ink to fall out and unwanted scarring. That would be very bad!
  • Avoid tight clothing for the first two weeks.
  • Wash your tattoo once daily in the shower.
  • DO NOT soak or submerge the tattoo in water for at least two weeks (Especially public swimming pools).
  • If you have any questions, call your tattoo artist immediately.


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Hey, thanks for taking the time to read through my portfolio site, use the form below to get in touch with me for an appointment or questions. Come in and visit us at Tiger's Blood Social Club & Tattoos.